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Rendering Need a facelift?
Why not give your home a facelift by applying a professional render? If you are considering selling your home, or would like a better external appearance, or maybe it just needs some updating or repairs, by rendering the exterior you are genuinely able to add value to your property and give it a new improved appearance.

Gathering Moss?
Does your property need some TLC? Cracks in the surface or moss growing is probably going to cause major problems due to the water and damp penetrating into the structure. We are happy to provide you with a no obligation free quotation for work that will help to increase the value of your property and protect your investment.

First things first.
The first thing to do is to allow us to give your property a thorough inspection to determine the work required. After this and a full consultation with yourselves, a no obligation free quote will be provided, allowing you to make the decision on how best to improve the appearance of your property. We can provide you with a quote for either a pebble dash finish or a smooth render.

Protect your investment. 
Your home is probably your biggest investment, so it should be protected. Rendering is fairly inexpensive, and the result will more than cover the cost of the work involved. Your house will not only benefit from the added curb appeal, and you have increased its value in the process, but also the exterior is now protected from the elements, keeping out the damaging damp and rain, with a written guarantee based on the system used.

Which way is best?
There are several types of render available. Traditionally a sand and cement render would be applied, but more popular these days is the through-colour render system, a product that is coloured right through the product and weather resistant.

Colourful and hassle free.
You can enjoy years of trouble free service from a carefully selected render, that will provide a natural and decorative finish, and is perfect for applications such as: Boundary Walling Brick work Existing Render New Block Walls Timber Sheets Insulation Conservatory Walls Extensions Etc

Longer lasting. 
Coloured render is initially more expensive than the traditional sand and cement system, however it is much faster to apply and is longer lasting. It is usually applied in one coat, needs no painting as the colour is in the render, and resists fading. Any scaffolding can be removed more quickly saving time and cost.

Cost saving.
The most effective and efficient method of application is spraying, which works well for larger areas. Smaller areas may be better served by hand application. There are also cost savings in future years as no painting will be required, saving on material, labour and scaffolding costs.

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